Castro and Castro Ltda. Rental of Machinery and Services for Underground Construction and Mining, offering a quality service and providing a timely technical support that meets with the requirements of our customers and the market.

The following are some of our services our company provides :

  • Rental of machinery for underground mining.
  • See pictures of machinery rental
  • Overhauling of underground mining equipments (dumper, scoop, jumbos and utility vehicles) and surface machinery.
  • See pictures of repairs
  • Major and minor repairs of underground mining and construction equipments.
  • Purchase and sale of local and foreign equipments.
  • Specialized personnel working at our workshops and on site
  • Consulting services on maintenance technical information (reports, costs, results, indices, handling of historical data on equipments and fleets).
  • Appraisal and evaluation, support on liquidation and sale of equipments.
  • Appraisal of maintenance at works and workshops.
  • Preventive maintenance on diesel engines, drives, shafts, drilling machines and hydraulic systems in general.